About me

I am Aswini basically an engineering graduate but a passionate cook. I started cooking during my school days when my mother went for work. Later by the encouragement from my Dad and my sis, i started doing few cuisines, and now got a person to experiment my new thinkings in kitchen. Yes my husband. All the recipes have been tested by 2 persons( me and my husband). No harm has been reported so far from my friends who have tried too. So why not you too give a try :)

        I am not a super cook. Like many others, I started cooking only after marriage. After moving out of India, Craving for indian desserts and snacks came along with me. I have tried few store bought ones but not satisfied by their tastes, I started making my own. :) All the recipes will be apt for beginners like me.

        I am just using my phone to take the pic, so don't judge my recipes seeing them on blog. Do give a try and judge it from taste. Your comments and likes are the appreciation for me. It adds more encouragement to me to try. If you like it , please leave a comment on my blog. Thanks for your time :)Happy Cooking :)

You can send me your recipes or feedback by mail to itshappycooking@gmail.com

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