September 18, 2012

Cocunut milk rice

Basmati rice-1 cup
Thick cocunut milk-3/4 cup
Onion-2 big thinly sliced
Green chillies-5 sliced
Cashew nut-2 tbsp
Ginger-garlic paste-1 tbsp
Salt to taste

To temper:
Bay leaf,sombu,cinnamon stick,cloves,

This is a simple yet yummy rice.chicken or mutton curry will be the best combo for this rice.i made this for the first time and it came out very well.just give a try and u ll love it for sure

*soak the rice for at least 20 mins.heat ghee in a pan and add the items under to temper and fry the cashews till it turns brown
*sauté the onion and green chillies.then add the cocunut milk+water such that it makes 1.5 cup
*then add the rice and bring to boil.close the lid and simmer for about ten min
*once the pressure is released,apply some ghee on top and mix well(take care that the rice doesn't get smashed

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