February 25, 2013

Milk Sweet in microwave

This is an easy to make Milk Sweet recipe. All you need is a pack of condensed milk and a spoon of youghurt.
Condensed milk
1 cup
1 tbsp
½ tbsp
Almonds and Nuts
2 tbsp broken

1.       Take a microwave oven safe bowl and mix the condensed milk and yoghurt.
2.       Then place the bowl in microwave for about 3 minutes with constant stir in between. Be careful because it rises and tries to fall out.
3.       Mix in the almonds and ghee at the last stage. At the final stage it reaches consistency such that it doesn’t stick to the bowl.


  1. I tried Milk Peda this weekend..I used Milk Powder instead of Yoghurt.Also used combination of ghee and butter just to make it non sticky balls :). Will send you the final pic soon.

  2. Saran did u use milk powder and condensed milk?

  3. Believe me.....it tastes yum yum and we could not stop eating it. Deliciously sinful I bet.....


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