February 26, 2013

Pooran Poli / Sweet poli

Poli is my all time favourite. Love it with paal payasam. I came across this recipe ingredient at the back of a pack we got in shop today. Then came home and was looking for the recipe online. I saw a few recipes, mixed up everything and final outcome was a modified one. And I got a thumps up from my hubby for the taste.
All purpose flour/Maida
1 cup
A pinch
Enough to make the dough
Channa dal
1 cup
¾ cup
Elaichi powder
2 tbsp


1.       First step is to prepare the stuffing. Pressure cook the channa dal with a pinch of salt. Once the pressure is released. Mash it well. Keep it on low flame and add the sugar and elaichi powder. It might become a little watery as the sugar melts. Keep stirring on low flame so that it becomes like chapathi dough. Allow it to cool.
2.       Next make a dough with maida and water along with a pinch of salt like that of chapathi dough.

3.       Next take a small ball of the dough and spread it like chapathi. Take a small ball of the stuffing and place it in middle. Cover it with the dough and make a ball again.

4.       Again spread it like chapathi. Put on tawa and allow it to cook. You can spray oil or a little ghee. It tasted awesome and was all over within 10 mins
5.       The above measurement makes 4 to 5 poli.

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