April 2, 2012

Carrot Payasam

             This yummy payasam was made by Mano, my co-sister.We enjoyed having it.Hope you also enjoy trying it .

Carrot-2 or 3
Condensed milk-a tin
milk-1 cup
ghee-2 tbsp
cocunut-2 tbsb
elachi,raisin and cashews-some

1.Pressure cook the carrots without water for about 10 mins.need not put weight.And open and set aside to cool
2.Fry the grated cocunut in some ghee.and after it cools down.grind the cocunut along with cashews into a smooth paste.
3.after the carrot cools down,grind it also into a smooth paste
4.then take a heavy bottomed vessel and mix both the pastes together.keep the burner in sim.then add a cup of water,the condensed milk and milk and keep stirring.Fry the raisin in ghee and add to the mixture.
5.Allow the mixture to boil and add the elachi when it is boiling.Yummy payasam is ready!!!

I ll upload the pics soon.Do try and tell me your comments

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