March 6, 2013

Chicken Chilly Roast

Hi all i'm Shyama-author of Shyama's Tastes….First of all let me thank Aswini, my friend who allocates a space for me in her blog. Thanks dear….

The recipe i added here is chilly chicken roast. Roasting the chicken always adds additional taste. So try this recipe who looks for a different taste.


Chicken 1 kg
Oilto fry
Big onion(peeled and chopped)2
Soya Sauce2 tspoon
Curry leaves1 pinch
Coriander leaves1 pinch
Salt to taste

for marination:

Pepper powder 2 tspoon
Turmeric powder 1/2 tspoon
Chilly powder 1 tspoon
Salt to taste

for grinding:

Green chilly 10
Small onion 8
Ginger 2 inch piece
Garlic 12 cloves


(1) Wash and clean the chicken. Cut into small pieces. Mix with the ingredients shown under "for marination" heading. Keep it aside for about 15 minutes.

(2) Mean while grind the ingredients shown under "for grinding" heading in a mixer . Make a coarse mixture. Keep it aside.

(3) Heat oil in a pan. Fry the marinated chicken. Flip the pieces in between till both sides of chicken becomes soft and light brown. Keep the fried chicken aside.

(4) Remove that used oil and add 1 tbl spoon of oil in the same pan(if you are not so health consious you can use the same oil). Add chopped onion into it. Saute till brownish. Keep the fried onion aside.

(5) To the same oil add grounded mixture and saute till the raw smell goes off. To this add curry leaves, chopped tomato and salt. Saute till oil separates and tomato turns juicy.

(6) Now you will get a "semi liquid" masala. Add fried chicken pieces  into this masala. Mix well.

(7) Add fried onion to this and mix well. Make a salt test here. Add soya sauce. Mix well. Finally add coriander leaves. Mix once and close the vessel with a lid. Cook it for 5 minutes in low flame so that the flavor sets well. Your Chicken chilly roast is now ready.
Have it with your rice/chapathi…


  • You can use the same oil for frying chicken pieces,onion and ground mixture. But not recommended due to health issues.
  • Don't cook the chicken pieces too much while frying.
  • I didn't used coriander leaves due to out of stock.

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