March 10, 2013

Milk Peda

This was the guest post by my long time buddy Saranya Bhubesh who is my best friend ever since we were in school. She got a passion for cooking and a person to experiment. What else is the qualification to become a better cook.(lol). I am happy that she accepted to make a guest post for me when I asked her. And here is the first one from her kitchen. Enjoy!!

Ingredients required to make this 3 minutes Milk Peda are listed below.

Ingredients Quantity
Milk Powder 1 Cup
Condensed Milk 100gms
Butter 2 Tablespoon
Ghee 1 Tablespoon
Salt Pinch

1)In a microwave bowl, first melt the ghee and butter together. This is done to add taste to Peda as well as to grease the microwave bowl to make the Peda's non sticky.

2)Once the butter and ghee are melted, put the Milk powder and condensed milk together and mix it well.

3)Microwave this mixture for 1 minute. After 1 minute remove the bowl from microwave and again stir the mixture.
4)Again microwave the mixture for 1 minute and after that take out the bowl and stir it.
5)Now add a pinch of salt to this mixture and again microwave for 1 minute.
6)Now the mixture is cooked well and it should be of the consistency of making peda.
7)Yummy Peda is ready.
8)You can make the peda's in ur desired shape using shape cutter or make it as balls.
9)If you are not diet conscious, you can even decorate the peda with pista or badam.
11)If you dont take out the bowl and stir it for every one minute, mixture will get burnt. So be sure to take out the bowl for every one minute.
10)You can make upto 20 balls of peda in the quantity mentioned.


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