August 22, 2014

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer is a indo chinese dish. The taste comes from the sauces we add. The procedure is very similar to gobi manchurian or chilli chicken except that we add fried paneer here. It can be had as a snack or as a side dish for fried rice.

serves 2
Paneer - 250 gms cubed
Onion - 1/2 cubed
Capsisum - 1/2 cubed
Ginger - minced 1 tbsp
Garlic - minced 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Spring onions to garnish

For sauce
Tomato ketchup - 2 tbsp
Red chilli sauce - 1 tbsp
Soy sauce - 1 tbsp
Plum Sauce - 1 tbsp (optional)
For batter:
Maida - 2 tbsp
Corn flour - 2 tbsp
Rice flour - 1 tbsp
Garlic paste - 1 tbsp
Pepper - 1/2 tbsp or more

The list of ingredients may look complicated,but just follow these steps and can be made in mins as wonder snack.
  • First step is to cut the paneer into cubes. Then take all dry ingredients in a bowl along with little salt & garlic paste. By adding water little by little, make a lump free batter. Keep the paneer cubes immersed in this batter mixture and set aside for atleast 15 mins.

  • Next step is deep frying or shallow frying these paneer cubes. Heat oil and fry these batter covered paneer cubes and fry till it becomes golden brown, drain and set aside.

  • The following step is preparing the sauce mixture. You can either add all the sauces directly or take them in the bowl and mix well and keep it aside.

  • Finally preparing the chilli paneer. Take a pan, heat oil and saute garlic and ginger till a nice aroma comes. Then add onion and capsicum and saute for 5 mins. I like it a bit crunchy. After a few mins, add the sauce mixture and cook on high flame for 5 mins. add the fried paneer cubes and coat them with the sauce mixture. Add salt but be careful as the sauces may also have some salt.

  • Garnish with spring onions. If you want it as gravy, mix 1/2 tbsp of corn flour with water and add to this mixture. Yummy Chilli paneer is ready.
take the paneer cubes
take the dry ingredients

make a lump free batter
keep paneer cubes immersed in the batter

deep fry the paneer cubes
saute garlic, ginger, onion and capsicum
add the sauces mixture
Give a quick mix
add the fried paneer cubes

Garnish with spring onions


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