August 24, 2014


I never thought making Jangiri would be easy. We used to get Jalebi in Indian Shops but I was missing our own Jangiri with the amazing aroma of rose essence. So I decided to make my own one. So I watched a number of videos on YouTube to know how exactly it is done. To my wonder, it was just simple with few ingredients. You just need Urad dal and sugar syrup and some oil to deep fry them. Well I made it finally today. It didn't turn fluffy, may be because i ground the batter in Mixie. Preparing the batter in wet grinder allows more aeration to it and also makes it fluffy. I used normal cover to press them into the oil. It would also work with squeeze bottle/Piping bag used for icing.

Urad dal - soak for min 2 hrs (best results when soaked overnight)
Food color - orange preferably

For sugar syrup:
Sugar - 2 cups
Water just enough to immerse the sugar
Cardamom powder - 1 tbsp
Rose essence - 2 drops (optional)

Grind urad dal without adding much water like we grind batter for vada. There should be no traces of dal.
Mix some food color with little water and mix with batter and set aside.
Next we have to prepare the sugar syrup. Boil sugar with little water till it reaches single thread consistency. Add cardamom powder and rose essence and turn off the flame.
Take the batter in a ziplock cover. Make a very small hole at the bottom. Heat oil in a flat fry pan like shown in the pictures. Just put an inch of oil.
Start making Jangri on oil. Keep the flame on low and cook till the Jangri becomes crispier. If you feel that the batter is watery add about a tbsp of rice flour.
Strain the cooked Jangri and dip it in sugar syrup at once. The sugar syrup should be warm. After a min, remove from sugar syrup and keep aside.
Repeat the same for rest of the batter. Yummy Jangris are ready :)
Sorry for poor pics, I will try to take better pics next time:)
Grind urad dal with less water

Keep the food color ready

Make Jangris on oil

Fry on low flame till crispy

soak in sugar syrup

Drain from sugar syrup

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